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    Cozy Cooling Sheets 🧊

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    Cozy Cooling Sheets 🧊

    Meet the World's First-Ever Magic Bedsheets

    Designed and proven to feel like the cold side of your pillow


    Picture this... it's 30° outside and you come home after a long and hot summer day ☀️

    Your Shirt is covered with sweat stains, your jeans are sticking to your thighs and the humidity has absolutely ruined your hair.

    All you want to do is take a cold shower and relax in bed while watching your favorite show.

    Well, you get in the shower, but 2 minutes after getting out, you start feeling sticky again as if nothing has happened.

    You turn on your AC hoping it would make it better but, it would take forever before you can feel anything.

    All what’s left is getting in bed but that’s when things go downhill

    Your sheets are rough as they rub onto your skin. Your body is overheating as you’re flipping from side to side. That sticky feeling? It’s now stronger than ever.

    You’re desperate but there’s still hope, you just need one small push to fall asleep.

    You can see only one way out to save your night and mood the next day.

    All it takes is one tiny flip your pillow...unveiling a side that’s perfectly cool, softer than fresh snow, thinking you’re about to fall into the deepest sleep ever until...

    The heaven-like feeling disappears and you're back exactly where you were a few seconds ago.

    What if there was a way your whole bed could feel like the cold side of the pillow?

    And not for a few seconds... BUT FOREVER!

    Well that dream is now a reality, thanks to our newest invention, The Cozy Cooling Technology™(CCT™), a SMART fabric blend with one superhuman fiber at its core…BAMBOO! Why smart?

    Because it regulates your own body temperature by understanding the way YOU are feeling.

    This means that it keeps you cool when you're hot and warm when you're cold.

    We took this technology and put it in bedsheets, guaranteeing that heaven-like feeling everywhere, all the time when you're in bed

    These superior sheets will help you kickstart your journey for a better lifestyle through better sleep...making you more productive, quit procrastination and become the best version of yourself.

    Don't believe us? Here's a study published on ResearchGate, the professional network of scientists and researchers, proving that "sleep quality is directly proportional to bed linen quality" complementing The University of Oklahoma's findings on the direct positive correlation between sleep and productivity.


    Basically, our proprietary CCT™ will turn you into a productive couch potato, getting all the benefits of comfort while killing your daily goals and tasks.

    That's you.. a productive couch potato :)

    Here's how it works

    Cozy Cooling Sheets Clinical Trial

    Nb of participants and time frame:

    We knew that a theory was not enough to prove that our technology actually worked. That's why we conducted a trial with 30 participants aged 15-253 from January-March 2024


    The participants were spread across Lebanon and the UAE to measure the thermoregulation effect across cold and hot temperatures.

    Results after 2 months of use:

    • 100 % of participants liked the cozy cooling sheets more than their old ones
    • 83 % of participants instantly felt the cooling effect when they felt hot
    • 90 % of participants instantly felt the warming effect when they felt cold
    • 100 % of participants felt the sheets were softer than they'd anticipated

    How Our Sheets Rank VS. Your Old Regular Sheets

    • Cozy Cooling Technology Infused- Body temperature regulation that gives you the cold side of the pillow feeling everywhere, all the time.
    • Extremely Soft Texture- Silky Touch that will make you feel like you're floating in bed.
    • Sensitive Skin Favorite- Antibacterial blend that keeps your skin and hair moisturized for a glowing aura.
    • Built in allergy prevention- Hypoallergenic properties that stop allergic reactions or rashes, keeping you peacefully in deep sleep.
    • Tailored sizes for all bed types- Making sure you get the set you need

    What does the set include ?

    All your bedding essentials

    Note from our founder:

    What you read till now is the culmination of 6 months of hard work by the entire team. We blended materials from all over the world until we came up with a truly magical formula. I hope you get the chance to experience it because it's nothing like you've ever seen or touched before.

    All the love,


    Product Specifications:


    100% Bamboo Blend

    Care instructions:

    Wash the cozy cooling sheets set in cold water with gentle detergent, avoiding fabric softeners and bleach, and tumble dry on regular. Shake out sheets between washing and drying to prevent wrinkles, and remove them slightly damp from the dryer to dress the bed and minimize further wrinkling.

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