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    About Us

    Hello! My name is Omar. The table you’re looking at? That’s where I founded CozyOnCozy 6 years ago.
    The guy in the blue shirt is my dad, making sure his 17 year old son did not get scammed by some sketchy overseas supplier. 
    Back then, I didn’t know what I was doing, just take a look at my fulfillment operation

    Yes, that’s my bedroom. Even though my setup was simple, it had a great impact on my customers, who were all my school friends.
    Here’s one of the pictures I found: 

    We were wearing my products to school, skip days, the airport, late night hang outs, just everywhere.
    These precious moments are now memories. They’re gone forever, and that’s how the idea of CozyOnCozy was born.
    Our products are designed to be portals back to those simple times, our way of immortalizing the best days of our lives. 
    Today, we’ve grown out of my bedroom and dining table and we’ve successfully helped over 10,000 people teleport back to those happy memories, whenever they need it most. That’s the story behind CozyOnCozy.

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